Our traders and partners stand ready to act as your facilitator between major suppliers and end-users, thereby minimising costs and maximising the time value for all. We are able to source the required products for clients that consist of refineries, traders, and end-users. MedEnergy has term contracts with various governments to trade crude oil as well as refined products in both the Gulf and Asia Pacific regions. With our access to major oil companies around the world and contracts with various governments, MedEnergy trades in physical cargos of Oman, Dubai, Tapis, Ural, Arab, and Nigerian crudes and refined products such as motor gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, and fuel oil. We trade into Europe and to different distribution centres worldwide. Our strength and knowledge enables us to source quality cargoes and the best prices in both Northwest European markets and Asia Pacific markets. We have expertise in sourcing, arbitrage, and buying distress cargoes in these markets.

MedEnergy and our sister groups provide international petroleum services and procurement. We have a strategic position in the competitive marketplace by providing and pursuing opportunities in the upstream, distribution, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Supported by a global perspective and network, MedEnergy uses its technical strength and commercial skills to deliver to the highest standards.

MedEnergy is ready, willing, and able to be your first choice for the provision of crude oil and refined products trading.


The demand for bunkering services is growing worldwide. We are a key player in providing fuel oil of all grades and marine diesel to the shipping industry. The founders and managers of MedEnergy have an excellent track record in bunkering and have strategic alliances with both shipping companies and bunkering companies worldwide. Thus we can effectively and efficiently service our clients anywhere in the world.

MedEnergy sources marine grade diesel, and 180cst and 380cst grades of fuel oil in the Gulf and supplies onshore and offshore, and enjoys excellent relations with major ship owners and has long term supply contracts. We also provide service to our customers hedging their bunker purchases in the Singapore OTC market.


The shipping of fuel is a business growing worldwide, and MedEnergy’s Shipping Division helps fulfill Bunkering Division requirements. Our future plans for expansion focus on entering in freight trading and acquiring double hull oil tankers.


Both technical and fundamental variables affect the prices of oil and gas, and we have a deep understanding of both that ensures feasible terms and successful outcomes.
MedEnergy actively trades crude oil and products futures. We also extend our services to end-users thereby minimizing their exposure based on physical products they hold. Technical and fundamental variables affect the prices of oil and gas. MedEnergy has a consistent track record in futures trading. We operate through our experienced traders and partners.

MedEnergy has a state-of-the-art trading desk in Muscat, the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman. The trading desk receives real-time charts and news through Reuters. MedEnergy trades live on the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) [formerly known as the London International Petroleum Exchange (IPE)] and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). We trade Brent and WTI crude, gasoil, gasoline, and natural gas futures.